Becca and Mike

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Our Story

We met the new old-fashioned way....on a dating app (Bumble). We went on our first date just before Christmas 2017.

Fun fact about us #1: Becca's first job in SF was right across the street from Mike's apartment at the time. 
Fun fact about us #2: Mike was late to our first date because he was coming from a salon on brain downloading. 
Fun fact about us #3: We have a perfectly harmonious relationship because Mike loves to cook and Becca loves to clean.  

Things to know about Becca:
-was born and raised in Claremont, CA
-took a gap year and studied abroad in Belgium
-attended University of Arizona
-moved to SF in 2015
-currently working in HR for Harmless Harvest (coconut water)
-enjoys baking, traveling, crosswords

Things to know about Dr. Mike:
-born in Connecticut and raised Fairfax, VA
-attended Virginia Tech
-he's lived in Michigan, Texas, and moved to SF in 2016
-currently works at Mythic as CEO
-enjoys mountaineering, fast cars, cooking, reading, crosswords
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